Crisis Communications

The probability of your organization emerging from a crisis successfully depends on your ability to communicate with your audience effectively. Risk management should be part of every communications plan, and that is where many organizations fall short. Our job is to help you identify how to effectively share your story and minimize any damage to your organization’s reputation.

Nonprofit organizations are among the most vulnerable corporate entities when it comes to the aftermath of a crisis. The public holds nonprofit organizations to a higher set of standards. If they believe that the organization has participated in any wrongdoing, the “court of public opinion” can quickly erode confidence, and leave an organization needing to rebuild trust and confidence.

Our crisis PR services engage your organization during your time of adversity. We help you navigate the many pressures and considerations you encounter with multiple audiences during a crisis. We will help:

  • Develop messaging strategy.
  • Prepare talking points.
  • Develop a short and long-term strategic and tactical plan, based on potential triggers and outcomes.
  • Prepare communications materials, such as letters, press releases and announcements, related to the crisis.
  • Provide media coaching for the appropriate spokesperson(s).
  • Develop an after-action plan.

Our team can function as your sole crisis management partner, or in tandem with your in-house communications team.

You will need to navigate the many considerations that emerge during times of crisis. Our crisis management services are both proactive and responsive. Over the years, we have provided strategic direction and tactical steps to a number of organizations that helped them maintain their reputation, and minimize any long-term negative impact. We know exactly what needs to be done in a crisis, and can guide you step by step.

While we are your partner during the crisis, we also know there are many benefits to nonprofits having a crisis plan in place in advance. Through our crisis drills and simulations, we can help you anticipate any challenges your organization may face, and provide guidance on how to respond.

We’ve been called upon to help clients manage crisis dealing with human resources issues, financial matters, legal claims and a host of other challenges.

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