Crisis Communications

The best time to plan for a crisis is before it happens. We help our clients create crisis communications plans that address potential areas of exposure that can be detrimental to their organizations.

Our Crisis Drills and Crisis Management services prepare you for emergencies with proactive scenario planning, training and coaching.

The probability of your organization emerging from a crisis successfully depends on your ability to communicate with your audience effectively. Risk management should be part of every communications plan and that is where many organizations fall short.

With the 24/7 news cycle, it has become increasingly difficult to keep a crisis from getting out to the public immediately. In the moments after crisis hits there are a number of critical decisions that must be made. Those early decisions often shape those that follow.

Nonprofit organizations are among the most vulnerable corporate entities when it comes to crisis. This is because they often don’t have a crisis plan in place to proactively address any issues that arise. Or, when a crisis occurs, they don’t move quickly enough to effectively mitigate the risk.

Our Crisis Management services engage your organization during your time of adversity. We help you navigate the many pressures and considerations you encounter with multiple audiences during a crisis. We help you stay on message, identify opportunities, develop after-action plans and more, either as your sole crisis management partner or in tandem with your in-house communications team.

You will need to navigate the many considerations that emerge during times of crisis. Our crisis communications services are both proactive and responsive. Over the years, we have provided strategic direction and tactical steps to a number of organizations that helped them maintain their reputation and minimize any long-term negative impact. We know exactly what needs to be done in a crisis and can guide you step by step.  

While we are your partner during your crisis, we also know that there are many benefits to nonprofits having a Crisis Plan in place. Through our Crisis Drill service, we help you anticipate any challenges your organization may face and provide guidance for how to respond.

The Crisis Drill engagement mimics a real-life crisis, taking your organization and stakeholders through a series of exercises to review a range of possible issues, addressing internal gaps and challenges, and creating a framework for you to address the public and media with clarity and confidence. The Crisis Drill is a proactive planning tool that provides you with techniques and confidence to address an actual crisis.

We’ve been called upon to help clients manage crisis dealing with human resources issues, embezzlement, legal cases and host of other issues. 

To learn more about our Crisis Communications services, call us at (212) 500-5953, x113 or send an email.