She Roars

Foundations play a pivotal role in capacity building for many of the organizations they support. With funding often tied to outcomes and measurable success, we understand the relevancy and urgency to prepare nonprofit leaders to effectively share their respective visions with their stakeholders.

Women account for more than 70% of the nonprofit workforce, yet represent the minority in the leadership ranks. She Roars, the first thought leadership training program for women in the social change sector, was developed as a tool to support women in building their thought leadership platforms.

She Roars provides women with the development of their thought leadership platform through a series of strategic and tactical instruction. Together this training provides step-by-step instruction for participants, while also addressing common mental roadblocks that women face when seeking to advance their agendas.

Foundations are now able to purchase licenses for their grantees to participate in She Roars. The are two ways to deliver the training:

The Master Class is designed for developing thought leaders who excel by learning and executing in a group setting, collaborating with a community of fellow women change makers, who are ready to take the next steps in owning their voice, and sharing their body of work. The Master Class can be customized for a select group of grantees, to include focus on specific areas of the training based on goals of the Foundation, for the nonprofits they serve.

The Solo Sessions works to achieve the same goals of the Master Class, but allows participants to work individually, at their own pace, using modules they can refer to, based on their own schedule.

For more information about She Roars or individual module licensing, please contact Jennifer Lynn at or 212-500-5953, x113.