Pick Our Brain

As much as we would love to produce revenue-generating events and PR campaigns for all social change organizations, we realize that sometimes that’s not needed. We get calls and emails from organizations all around the globe asking for just a little help; a sanity check or a second opinion. We think we’ve figured out a way to add some value, delivering on-demand help with a Pick Our Brain service.

Through the Pick Our Brain offering, we provide ad hoc expertise for any particular questions or challenges on your mind. The questions are usually more strategic in nature. Whether you need advice on how to maximize fundraising opportunities at your event or messaging for a new initiative, we are here to listen, weigh in and deliver help in actionable, decisive ways.

We are offering this service through Clarity and you only pay for the time that we chat via phone, billed in 1-minute increments. Schedule a time based on the availability listed in Clarity, receive a confirmation and we’re ready to go.

When you Pick Our Brain, we’ll chat with you on the phone and offer solid solutions to your of-the-moment questions. We suggest that clients come prepared with their questions and be ready to take extensive notes – because we always have a plethora of good ideas.

Please note that with the Pick Our Brain service, we are unable to review any materials or information prior to our call. If you need more in-depth assistance, please review our Special Events and Public Relations offerings. From time to time, scheduling permitting, we can also help with day of event planning or strategy development for individual projects.

To learn more about our services call us at (212) 500-5953 x115 or send an email.