COLORS restaurant is New York City’s first cooperative restaurant. The concept was launched in 2006 by former workers of Windows on the World who lost their jobs after 9/11. The idea of the cooperative is that all employees are worker-owners, getting a share of equity and decision-making power about how the organization should be run.

We were retained to provide public relations services to help create awareness of the restaurant. While the restaurant enjoyed significant popularity when it first opened, it was critical that it be able to stand on its own with a reputation for good food and service in addition to the unique nature of the establishment, which made it an interesting tourist attraction..
We invited several food critics into the restaurant for reviews in an effort to bring attention to the global cuisine with an American twist. We also developed relationships with local upscale hotels so that the concierges would be able to confidently recommend the restaurant to guests looking for suggestions.

Since 2006, we have been retained by COLORS restaurant to work on a number of projects. Our first engagement was focused on helping to establish credibility for the restaurant as a fine dining establishment on par with other restaurants of comparable price.
As the restaurant transitioned from fine dining to a casual eatery, we were once again retained to help reposition the brand and establish the necessary relationships to generate foot traffic.


  • Favorable reviews in magazines such as Bon Appétit and Gourmet
  • Established relationships with concierge staffing at local hotels
  • Produced successful theme parties and events
  • Established itself as a community resource for nonprofit organizations that needed an affordable venue to host events
  • Benefitted from human interest stories profiling the owner/workers of the restaurant about the industry, social entrepreneurship and their lives
  • Received international attention