Grace Institute is a job-training program for women in New York City who are looking for administrative and clerical jobs. Grace partners with local corporations to place women in full-time positions earning a living wage plus benefits. The tuition-free program offers training in industry-specific skills as well as general administrative training in Microsoft Office and business writing.

While the program has been around for more than a century, it had little to no name recognition. Grace struggled with finding ways to reach women who could benefit from the program. They wanted to create awareness about their program and increase their bi-annual enrollment by a minimum of 20%. Additionally, they wanted to cultivate relationships with new corporate partners to increase the number of job placements they were able to make for women who graduated from the program.

Focusing first on media relations, we launched a campaign to introduce Grace Institute to the media. The best evidence of the value of Grace’s program is the success of the women who graduate from the program. We designed a local media tour to introduce the company spokeswoman and graduates from the program who were currently working to show the transformative results of the program.


  • Increased attendance at informational Open Houses by 25% during the first 6 months of the PR program
  • Increased and expanded relationships with corporations that were introduced to or reminded of Grace Institute after seeing graduates profiled in print or on television.
  • Ramped up fundraising efforts by Executive Director and Development Team by leveraging PR campaign results to strengthen ties with funders
  • Launched successful Public Service Announcement Campaign on three local television stations and one radio station with: 30-second clips about the program and its offering.