She Roars

Thought leader: an individual who influences and inspires us to think and behave differently by contributing new ideas, information and expertise to benefit the greater good. Thought leaders are in service to an idea, issue or innovation with the goal of fostering change. – – Vanessa Wakeman


The number of women working at nonprofits has increased over the past decade. Now women make up 82 percent of workers at small organizations, 74 percent at midsize groups and 59 percent at large ones.

She Roars is a thought leadership program designed specifically to help women working in social change become thought leaders, by harnessing their ideas and expertise. Thought leadership allows individuals to drive conversations, build credibility, strengthen supporters and inspire activism.

The road to thought leadership is different for women. We solve problems differently. Given the tumultuous times we live in, that’s exactly what we need. An abundance of daring new ideas. Diversity of thought. We need women who “roar”.

There are unspoken roadblocks that, far too often, hinder a woman from speaking her truth and reaching her potential as a change agent. Conversely, we know that when women are confidently contributing their perspectives and insights, magic happens and communities are transformed. She Roars was designed specifically to help women who are dedicated to stimulating change become thought leaders. We do this by leveraging their ideas, knowledge and experiences to solve pressing societal issues.

The world as we know it has been largely shaped by the thinking and decisions of men. The game changes when more women’s voices are added, inspiring the question: “What will the future look like when more women are empowered to confidently share their insights and expertise?”

Through our public relations work with clients, we have seen thought leadership endear audiences to a cause and a leader.

She Roars uses our IDEA framework to help you think about the Identification and messaging of the issue you are championing, opportunities for Disruption, the process of Evolution and how to best Amplify your thinking for greater advocacy. She Roars will help you to articulate brand visions, strategize opportunities for organizational or industry-wide influence, heighten confidence and create a sense of extended community so critical for women on the move.

Vast intellectual resources are still being squandered. People around the world are still suffering today while earth-shattering ideas are left to wither and die. Why? Because we are not taking full advantage of the creativity, brainpower and native leadership abilities of women.

But what if we did? What if we could capitalize on the treasure trove of experience and intuitive knowledge that women have accumulated and transfer that to thought leadership?


For over a decade, Vanessa Wakeman, CEO of The Wakeman Agency, has served as a trusted advisor to nonprofit organizations around the country. Her expertise in the politics of social change and her mastery at advancing the efforts of nonprofits has made her a trusted advisor to countless organizations around the country.

Through her work, she has developed a clear understanding of what it takes for women to become thought leaders. And she has seen first-hand the impact it has made in the causes they championed. That is what She Roars teaches you. She Roars is a 1-1 program administered over 4 months.

Areas of focus include:

  • Identification/executive branding vision
  • Executive profile development
  • Communications planning
  • Narrative development
  • Media relations
  • Media coaching
  • Positioning
  • Messaging

Highlights of what you will receive through 1-1 support:

• Identify the specific area of focus as the foundation of your platform.
• Identify the roadblocks that women face when on the thought leadership journey.
• Develop a deeper appreciation for your own insights.
• Create a strategy to champion your own agenda.
• Formulate messaging to share your thinking.

We will help you strategize ways of inspiring status quo thinking to embrace the advantages of blazing new trails. You will learn how to burnish your reputation as an exceptional voice, driven to find innovative solutions to perplexing social problems, making your organization more prominent and putting you in a position to attract greater funding for your cause.

We have always believed that we can do good in the world by helping you do good in yours, empowering you wind your way through the complexities of competing agendas. Thought leadership can help you to pursue your mission, even as the political climate changes.


You need to find the right way to share your vision and you need a strategy for putting your institution and your cause in the spotlight, to create the desired outcomes.

We’re entering a new, tumultuous era. If you’re passionate about your nonprofit and ready to build your thought leadership platform, we can’t wait to hear from you.

For more information about She Roars, contact Jennifer Lynn at (212) 500-5953 x113 or

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