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Mass Money Raising: Why Givers Latch onto Crowdfunding

GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others change fundraising dynamics

If crowdsourcing in technology is like volunteerism or brainstorming on steroids, then crowdfunding is like altruistic generosity taken to new levels. But its potential impact on the field of fundraising could be giving some nonprofit organizations pause.

The Changing Role of the Event Planner


Job Vacancy – Event Planner: Coordinate events, booking entertainers, decorating facilities, ordering flowers, hiring wait staff and sampling menu. Serve as timekeeper and resource planner, managing invitations and assets (projectors, printers, lighting).

Do You Kiss on the First Date?

Asking for money too soon can be a recipe for fundraising failure.

Being presumptive or premature can railroad relations with donor prospects

Money. It’s one of the last remaining untouchable topics in a society where ever fewer subjects are considered taboo. But for nonprofits with goals, objectives and missions to realize, being gun-shy about dollars and cents can be a recipe for stagnation or failure. keep reading

Help, My Board Won’t Fundraise!


Reasons why Board members get disengaged and stop raising funds

Being a Board member of a nonprofit organization is no small task.

In general, Board members are responsible for governance and support – at the most basic essence, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s legally, financially and ethically, while facilitating operational and administrative needs. keep reading

Five Reasons Why Your Fundraiser is Losing Money


When a nonprofit’s signature fundraiser stays in the black – but giving levels remain flat – there’s a problem. By the time premiere campaigns and seminal giving series go in the red, a crisis may be brewing. Here are some practical reasons nonprofit campaigns, charitable events and long-time fundraisers may begin withering on the vine.

Is Your Charitable Organization Sexy Enough?


Making your nonprofit cause irresistible to donors

Most people probably would not describe nonprofit organizations as sexy. Instead, it’s easier to think of Hollywood crushes, designer fashions, luxury vehicles and even awe-inspiring renovations as possessing that magnetic pull that captivates our attention. keep reading

Three Ways to Get Your Old Flame Back


Re-engaging lapsed supporters and donors is a prime concern for mature nonprofit organizations

It can happen to the best of us. In our youthful shortsightedness, we might have let a good one get away. Or in the rush of our daily lives, perhaps we put a true friend on the backburner one too many times, and now we’d do anything to get that ally back on our side. keep reading