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Are You In Service to Your Greatness?


This question was the tipping point for my thought leadership. It was not until I answered that question, that I was able to get clear about my how I wanted to show up in the world. You see, I have always been an expert at being in service to others. I’m guessing as someone that chose to be in the nonprofit sector, an industry built on being in service to others, you, too, are great at it.

Announcing: She Roars Training Programs


You’ve read our She Roars emails, you’ve shared your thoughts, and you may have pledged your commitment to bringing your thought leadership to the world, and now, it all comes down to this: the moment when you decide whether to sit on the sidelines, or leap head first into building your Thought Leadership Platform. 

New Client Announcement!


We are thrilled to welcome the YWCA of Silicon Valley, CA to the Wakeman family. We have been fans of the YWCA of SV for some time now, and are honored to add them to our client roster.

We The People: Passion and Action Speaks Loudest


A few years ago I attended a fundraiser hosted by a board member of a local nonprofit. I attended the gathering because the passion and mission shared by the board member really made me feel like it was something I would want to be a part of. There were about 30 people in attendance; the majority of us had no connection to the organization and were there to learn more about their work.

She Roars: How Much Space Do You Take Up?


Last night I was on a crowded Metro-North train in New York City heading home. I was seated in a four seat section of the train and was directly across from a male commuter. Without realizing what I was doing, I jammed myself into the corner of my seat, taking up as little space as possible, assuming that he and whoever occupied the seat next to me would need all of the space.

A Note from Vanessa Wakeman


Dear Friend,
I’ve been thinking about the evolution of our agency. Over the years we’ve continued to identify areas where we can add value to our clients, while also challenging ourselves to do increasingly great work. There have also been those occasions that we were so head down doing the work, that we completely missed what was in front of us, and had to play catch up.