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Note from Vanessa Wakeman


Dear Friend,

“Are you ready to change the world?” That is the question that graced the cover of our very first brochure many years ago. We chose that question because it best represented the embodiment of how we see the nonprofit sector: a committed group of stewards always answering the call to improve the human condition. We find ourselves asking that question a lot lately, as we help organizations prepare for a period of uncertainty.

That Feeling in Our Bones: Women & Thought Leadership by Vanessa Wakeman, for Huffington Post


My grandmother could predict the weather based on the way her body felt. If her joints were achy, she would announce that rain was coming. I would always give her a puzzled look and she would smile and say, “I can feel it in my bones.” She was often right.

She Roars Thought Leadership Program for Women in Social Change


In recognition of the need, urgency and opportunity to cultivate the ranks of women among thought leaders in the social change sector, The Wakeman Agency has officially launched She Roars. The one­-of-­a-­kind offering has been specially designed to address what women in leadership roles require to maximize their impact.

What Nonprofits Can Learn From Bernie Sanders by Vanessa Wakeman, for Huffington Post

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Regardless of your political propensity, nearly all of us can agree that Bernie Sanders has a wildly-enthusiastic following. How did he do it?

He’s not a celebrity. Yet, when Bernie Sanders walks into a room or steps behind a podium, his fans go absolutely wild. Their loyalty is enviable — and their passion is unmatched.

Reimagining Thought Leadership by Vanessa Wakeman, for Huffington Post

light bulbs sketched on chalkboard Many small ideas make a big one

Webster’s Dictionary defines a thought leader as one whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential. I would agree with this updated definition with a slight refinement. In my opinion, a thought leader is an individual who is committed to contributing valuable, original thinking and ideas on a subject to benefit the greater good. The individual is in service to the idea, issue or innovation with the goal of fostering change.