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She Roars! The Wakeman Agency Celebrates Women’s History Month

In the spirit of those fearless women who have taken center stage and stepped into the limelight, The Wakeman Agency celebrates Women’s History Month. Our team decided to post on the official Wakeman Agency social media channels quotes from some of the amazing women that inspire us.

We are supporters and advocates of enterprising causes and boundary-busting movements, and every day keep the pioneering spirit of social change top of mind. Stories of women and girls who’ve braved incredible odds, only to come out better, stronger and more brilliant on the other side, as ambassadors and thought leaders, to us all, keep us focused and motivated. They are women who roar!

Throughout history, women who have stepped out on faith and taken a stance, no matter how unpopular the issue or platform, have served as beacons of justice, equality and ambition for young and old, men and women, domestic and international alike. Today, in the 21st century, we still benefit from the amazing strides of these passionate, driven, bold and gifted women. From politics and the pulpit, to the frontlines of conflict-ridden warzones, and the confinement of concentration camps, we salute these change agents, visionaries and leading voices who continue to inspire new generations of women thinkers, doers and leaders.

But we need not always look to the past for confirmation and validation of our potential and greatness. Contemporary girls and women are having their “now” moments in history as we speak. We are fortunate to bear witness to dream-makers and goal-achievers on the move right now.

There are also those women who aspire to be though leaders, in their own right. The Wakeman Agency wholeheartedly stands behind those women and the development of their thought leadership.

Who are the women who inspire and you? Who are the heroines, living or passed, famous or not, who propel you forward? Connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, using #SheRoars to join the conversation.