10 Tips To Prepare Your Annual PR Campaign

By Jessica Epperly

  1.  Has your message changed from last year? Make a short list of message points, both old and new, that you want to hone in on with media and the public.
  2. What’s the new story? What are the issues and topics close to your organization that you can address anew? Have you launched a new community initiative or fundraising effort? All can be new points of discussion for media.
  3. Brush up on your media training. Take some time and review last year’s clippings and broadcast segments. Did you deliver your messages clearly and confidently?
  4. Keep your company fact sheet and executive bios fresh and current.
  5. Make sure your media outreach includes an up-to-date media list. Journalists often change seats or move to a new outlet all together. Make sure your databases are not out-of-date. A yearly review should help to keep them current.
  6. Assess new challenges and strengths, both internally and externally.
  7. A yearly review of your organization’s website/ social media sites is suggested. Look for any tweaks that can be made to keep them fresh and up to par with any new trends.
  8. Break down your overall 12-month strategy into 3-month segments. This will help you to stay focused on specific objectives and better for measuring results.
  9. Plan your hooks. Come up with at least 3 different story angles for at least 3 different types of media. Maybe one good human interest story, one strong statistical newsy story and one with a solid business angle.
  10. Know your media goals. Make a wish list of 15-20 outlets/ journalists that you would like to focus on for the year. This will help narrow down the necessary story hooks per placement and can also help to strengthen media relations.

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