3 PR Considerations for 2013

PR is a significant and continuing concern for nonprofits, businesses and similar institutions, no matter what their size. This fact has not changed over time. However, certain specific issues in public relations are certainly taking center stage in 2013. Taking the time to think through these issues and how they affect your organization can help ensure your continued success with your efforts to increase visibility for your organization.

Constant vs. Episodic Awareness

As today’s technology makes information of all kinds more and more accessible, it becomes more important than ever for organizations to maintain constant awareness in regards to their PR efforts. This means that the public should be aware of your organization and its purpose at all times, rather than just when a new fundraising campaign launches or a new industry breakthrough takes place. A steady stream of targeted information is necessary to come out ahead in today’s PR game.

Campaign Integration

The importance of campaign integration may not be strictly new, but you will certainly see a dramatically increased push for such integration in the year 2013. Whether your potential supporters are checking on your reputation in the field or comparing your fiscal responsibility to that of similar organizations, they will research you on a staggering array of different venues. Therefore, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your PR efforts, you need to account for as many different channels as poss0ible.

Take every possible opportunity to integrate all of the campaigns you operate. With smartphones and their 24/7 internet access here to stay, this will be a major requirement for PR departments in 2013.

Visual Communication

Communications experts have always emphasized the importance of quality visual communication of ideas; however, this will be more important than ever in the future, both due to the increased technological capabilities of people today and to an ever-increasing tendency for individuals to simply tune out the information displayed to them – unfortunately, perhaps especially when it deals with social causes. Whether your organization’s promotional information is viewed via a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or some other form of technology, it needs to be visually stimulating to draw the attention of your audience.

Distributing your public relations announcements via plain text might have worked in years gone by, but it has become harder and harder in a world inundated with pictures and video to just get away with a snappy sentence or two – or even an entire press release. Therefore, if you have a particular message about your organization that you want to resonate with the public, an effective visual communication strategy will be essential.

What changes are you planning to your PR strategy this year? Tell us what they are and why you are implementing them.