3 Things to Consider for Your 2012 Marketing Efforts

By Soo Dawson

As marketers, we need to have plans in place to channel marketing efforts. In 2012, consider the following to make your marketing strategy more efficient:

1. Put end goals first and tie numbers to them
To use an example, Company X wants to do free webinars for prospects in 2012. Why? They are hoping the prospects will view the webinars as informative and eventually want to work with the company. This might be a stretch – after all, someone attending a webinar doesn’t necessarily translate to them wanting to work with Company X.

But since that’s the company’s aim, they are attaching a number of 3 total customers in 2012 as a goal from folks attending webinars. That translates to producing: stellar content for hour-long webinars 6 times per year; 200 invitations; 30 attendees per webinar; 3 follow up emails/phone calls per attendee; and a myriad of other administrative tasks to go along with pulling together these webinars.

marketing-strategy-planIt would be easy for Company X to get mired in the details of webinar production. But if they remember their end goal and start there, the tasks associated with webinars start to make more sense.

2. Stop the insanity – learn from the past
Looking back at the example above, there’s a lot of work associated with producing webinars for Company X in 2012. If they had done a webinar or two already in 2011 — and as a result, they got a customer or two from their efforts — including webinars in the mix in 2012 seems to be a sound business decision.

However, perhaps they struggled with producing stellar content. Perhaps the 200 invitations sent out per webinar were taking endless administrative hours. Perhaps the prospects weren’t so interested after all and all they really wanted were some free ideas.

Needless to say, marketing activities that proved to be ineffective should be re-examined and ruthlessly tossed out or dramatically tweaked.

3. Stick-to-it-tive-ness vs. new stuff
Your marketing strategy should not be so rigid that you cannot try new ideas and incorporate new advancements in your industry. Make sure it has the flexibility to allow for change if things are not working.

That being said, be careful not to deviate from your marketing plan in favor of the latest and greatest idea. It’s easy to get distracted by so-called “Internet marketing gurus” and their attractive promises for quick success.

A decent balance can be hard to find, but regular evaluation of the goals set in Step 1 can help you maneuver through the myriad of tasks associated with marketing efforts.
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