A PR Student’s Analysis of the Industry

By Tara Fee

nonprofit public relationsThe world we live in is tough and the economy is in the dumps. The job search has become more competitive than ever. Luckily, I recently started interning with The Wakeman Agency. Before I was hired, I tried for months to find an internship. Everyday I went through the stressful process of searching the web, writing cover letters and sending out my resume. If it was this difficult to find an unpaid job, I cannot even imagine one paid.

Entering the PR industry I knew it would be competitive. I can tell by the amount of public relation majors in my college. The amount of students studying the field was outrageous and this year it was by far the most popular major. Furthermore, I have noticed in the past few years that PR has been under more scrutiny than ever before. Some companies, when in turmoil, see PR at the top of the spending cutback list. Interning with a PR practitioner four years ago I remember she was struggling to find clients. Companies did not think they needed to spend money on someone else to manage their public relations. They look at PR as an afterthought to strategic planning and as if it is out of sync with business objectives.

Studying and learning more about the field and industry each day, I believe it is rebounding and is an industry that is in favor once again. Organizations are realizing PR is more important than ever and that their money will be well spent on PR practitioners who know how to manage public relationships. They see how the technique helps gain and maintain customer relationships by continuously educating and informing. They see how it is effective in good and bad times.

public relations campaignPR is a fast growing field especially with the explosion of social media platforms. Presently there has been a rising rush, and communications has become one of the most chosen fields among young students. I think the industry could use young and enthusiastic people, people who understand how to work all the social media platforms and manage relationships through the Internet. Personally I think the PR industry has been thriving because of these new media outlets.

I hope to see the PR industry continue to gain higher importance. I want people to understand it is an effective communication tool. In my opinion PR is an important tool for all companies, big and small. I believe that even when they are in the slumps, they could use PR to help establish trust and dependability among company’s current and future clients. It is a cost-effective medium for building and maintaining brand identity.