Are You In Service to Your Greatness?

This question was the tipping point for my thought leadership. It was not until I answered that question, that I was able to get clear about my how I wanted to show up in the world. 

You see, I have always been an expert at being in service to others. I’m guessing as someone that chose to be in the nonprofit sector, an industry built on being in service to others, you, too, are great at it.

What you may not have realized is that you can be in service to others, while also being in service to your greatness. As a matter of fact, when you commit to being in service to your greatness, amazing things happen:

  • You get excited about contributing your ideas and expertise in new ways.
  • You become in greater alignment with your authentic self.
  • You begin to be a vessel, and ideas pour out of you.
  • You have a newfound connection to your work, because you begin to see things through a different lens- the lens of your greatness, fully aware and confident of what you bring to the table.
  • You are nourished by endless possibilities of what you can create.
  • Colleagues and donors begin to notice something different about you. Hmmmm…what could it be? 
  • The more space and attention you give to providing an outlet for your genius, the more on fire you are.

And so I am asking you: how can you be in service to your greatness?

Is there an issue or idea that you wish to champion?

Is there a body of work that you have been building, for some time?

Is there something that secretly lights your soul on fire, but you are scared to share it with the world because it feels in opposition to the mindset of being in service to others, or worse…you just don’t think people will support you?

If you nodded your head even slightly to any of these questions, then I insist you join me for the She Roars Master Class or Solo Sessions, this fall.

Together, we are going to get you focused on your area of expertise, and build a framework from which you can create your thought leadership platform. You are going to develop a mindset of being in service to your greatness, and find ways to honor yourself and your work, while helping to change the world.

I am not advocating fluff and lack of substance. You will still need to have the appropriate experience and credentials to build your platform.

I am asking that you reframe how you are in service to others and save a little bit of that for yourself. Those around you will benefit greatly.

Reserve your space today for the She Roars Master Class or Solo Sessions.

I know that every thought leader is in service to her greatness. And I want that for you, too.

All my best,

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Vanessa Wakeman
CEO, The Wakeman Agency


You excel at learning and executing in a group setting. You love the idea of designing your thought leadership platform, through collaboration with a community of fellow women change makers, who are ready to take the next steps in owning their voice, and sharing their body of work.



You are ready to take ownership of your thought leadership, but working individually suits you best. This program allows you to lead your path- reviewing our training modules at your own pace, whenever you wish to, along with checklists and templates to help you progress.



You wish to go straight to the source, for the most hands on thought leadership training possible. 1-1 work is highly focused, intense and intended for women who are seeking to get to the core of their thought leadership evolution, in the most direct way possible.


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