Tamir Novotny and the Emerging Generation Changing the Philanthropy Landscape

No need to worry about passing the baton to the next generation of leaders in the philanthropy space. In this conversation with Tamir Novotny, Executive Director for Emerging Practitioners of Philanthropy, we learn about the vision of emerging leaders and how they want to show up in the world to create change. This isn’t your father’s leadership model. Gain insight into why this generation is focused on equity as a way to change today’s philanthropy landscape.

Dr. Jason Franklin on the Many Faces of Philanthropy

Philanthropist, Author and Researcher, Dr. Jason Franklin, talks about the role of philanthropy in transforming communities. As the
first holder of the W. K. Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair, Jason is focused on reframing conversations and actions about how communities take care of the people that occupy them. From “outrage giving” to donating time, he talks about the many ways and reasons that people give. Jasons’ deep understanding of philanthropy and loyal support of underserved communities leads to a candid conversation that is analytical and insightful.

Roll Call!

Wondering what we’ve been up to these past few months? We’ve got some exciting new clients on the roster, and some juicy coverage we’ve secured that helps elevate their missions. Hit this link to read more about our recent impactful work for ROC United, Help for Children, Animal Farm Foundation and ChemoCars.

The Wakeman Agency Celebrates Black History Month

The Wakeman Agency is proud to celebrate black history in February and all year round. In honor of Black History Month, we are highlighting black artists who have used art for social change. Throughout history, musicians, painters, filmmakers, poets and other creatives have used their respective medium to bring attention to social issues and inspire us to imagine a better tomorrow. Visit our Instagram feed to see profiles. @wakemanagency

New Client Alert – Animal Farm Foundation

Meet Animal Farm Foundation (AFF), the newest addition to The Wakeman Agency client roster! Since the mid-1980’s, AFF has been rescuing and re-homing animals, as well as making grants to other humane organizations. Today they dedicate their resources to securing equal treatment and opportunity for “pit bull” dogs. The Wakeman Agency will work with AFF to develop a Public Education Campaign. We are excited to create a new narrative around the concept that All Dogs Are Individuals. The campaign will correct misconceptions about the “pit bull” breed and highlight their strengths, as evidenced through the important work they are being trained to do, as high-level Law Enforcement detection and service assistance dogs.

Melissa Harris-Perry on the Power of Failure in Building Movements and Our Lives

If you’ve ever heard her speak or read her writing, you know that Melissa Harris-Perry is going to teach you something you didn’t already know, while also sharing her truth. In her interview on the Social Change Diaries, she does just that- with a no holds barred sit down with Vanessa.

New Client Alert – ChemoCars

media relations for Chemo Cars

We are thrilled to welcome new client ChemoCars to the Wakeman client roster. ChemoCars supports cancer patients by providing them with free, reliable access to transportation to cancer treatment. We will be working to create awareness for ChemoCars and their services as they endeavor, in order to take their services to the national stage.

Jacki Zehner’s Mission to Mobilize Unprecedented Resources for Women and Girls

Jacki Zehner is a community builder. Through Women Moving Millions, she, along with a group of 300 women, have provided more than 1 billion dollars in funding for the causes that impact women and girls around the world. As one of today’s most influential voices on women, money and changing the world, Jacki reframes the notion of power to be inclusive, collaborative and empowering.

Abigail Disney on Film, Universal Languages of the Heart and Social Change

Some people believe that women were written out of history, but Abigail Disney believes that women were never written in. Through her films, she’s on a quest to change that. Abigail’s passion for storytelling, and for accurate representations of women in the quest for peace, has led her to understand what makes a woman courageous enough to share her truth, even in the most dangerous and politically charged climates.