Do Celebrity Endorsements Matter for Nonprofits?

Many major nonprofits prominently feature celebrities in their TV commercials and other promotional materials. You might feel that this is simply standard practice in the industry, but the question remains – do these celebrity endorsements really even matter? Nonprofit Endorsements In some cases, yes, celebrity endorsements do matter. They can help raise awareness of your … Read more

How Technology Changed the PR and Marketing Industry

The advertising, marketing and PR industries have played a role of some sort in commerce for virtually the entirety of human history. However, they have certainly evolved substantially over time. Each has been impacted by technology and new forms of media, opening up new niches and new ways to reach markets. The internet was the … Read more

More Than Asking for Donations

By Shianne Chatarjee For those not directly involved in the industry, development may just mean raising money and asking for donations. However, even through the few years of experience I’ve been able to gain thus far, I have learned that the term ‘development’ means so much more. Although fundraising is an important component of development, … Read more

Holiday Marketing – Inbound Marketing Ideas

By Soo Dawson It used to be that outbound marketing was the only way to go about generating leads for your business. Now, trade show halls are not as full, brick & mortar sales see continuous declines, and face-to-face prospecting is becoming rare. Inbound marketing activities such as e-newsletters, website promotions, social media campaigns, and … Read more

USPS Crisis and Direct Mail Campaigns

By Soo Dawson Ah, the annoyance. After the 7th time in 14 days of receiving a large envelope stuffed with an unsolicited credit card application (from “x” institution), I decided to fight back. I took out the business reply envelope (metered for use within the U.S.) and stuffed all the material they sent me back … Read more

Simple Ways for Nonprofits to Raise Awareness

Nonprofit PR and marketing is important since many nonprofits are struggling to make their names known and get the media attention they deserve. Not only do they need to raise awareness of their work in order to raise funds, but it’s just as crucial to actually get their message out there about the problem they … Read more