Five Simple Ways to Make a Reporter your BFF

Whether you work for a nonprofit or a for-profit company, building strong relationships with the media is crucial. Keeping these tips in mind can help ensure that the experience is a pleasant one for all parties concerned. # 1: Provide Solid Stats When meeting with a reporter, you obviously will want to present your company … Read more

Do Celebrity Endorsements Matter for Nonprofits?

Many major nonprofits prominently feature celebrities in their TV commercials and other promotional materials. You might feel that this is simply standard practice in the industry, but the question remains – do these celebrity endorsements really even matter? Nonprofit Endorsements In some cases, yes, celebrity endorsements do matter. They can help raise awareness of your … Read more

How To Measure PR Efforts

Quality PR professionals must stay on top of the results their efforts produce. After all, without knowing the return on their investment, how will they know what strategies and techniques should be adjusted and which are working? This principle has always applied in some form to PR reps; the means by which they measure their … Read more

How Technology Changed the PR and Marketing Industry

The advertising, marketing and PR industries have played a role of some sort in commerce for virtually the entirety of human history. However, they have certainly evolved substantially over time. Each has been impacted by technology and new forms of media, opening up new niches and new ways to reach markets. The internet was the … Read more

The Relationship between Public Relations and CSR

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is a commonly discussed topic among consumers who wanted to know how the nonprofits they support use their donations and the businesses at which they shop use their profits. However, this rise in interest in CSR certainly does not mean that everyone understands it or interprets it the same way. … Read more

Why Your Company Should Consider Implementing a CSR Plan in 2013

Today’s consumers, in many cases, are becoming increasingly aware of and passionate about social issues and how they impact the world around them. Many people seem now to feel that the needs of current and future generations require the development of standards to protect a wide variety of social values. For this reason, many businesses … Read more

Three Examples of CSR Done Right by Medium-sized Companies

Implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans is an increasingly common trend among companies of all types today. Many companies even notice an increase in their bottom line to accompany the ethical advantages of CSR. Businesses such as Solberg Manufacturing, Honest Tea and Recreational Equipment Inc. provide perfect examples of how companies can strive to continually … Read more

3 PR Considerations for 2013

PR is a significant and continuing concern for nonprofits, businesses and similar institutions, no matter what their size. This fact has not changed over time. However, certain specific issues in public relations are certainly taking center stage in 2013. Taking the time to think through these issues and how they affect your organization can help … Read more