Why Our PR Intern’s Goals Have Changed

By Tara Fee What is my ideal job in public relations? Well to be honest, I am really not sure. My ideas have jumped all over the place. First, I dreamed of being a fashion publicist. I mean come on – I was young and had a passion for fashion. It seemed like it would … Read more

More Than Asking for Donations

By Shianne Chatarjee For those not directly involved in the industry, development may just mean raising money and asking for donations. However, even through the few years of experience I’ve been able to gain thus far, I have learned that the term ‘development’ means so much more. Although fundraising is an important component of development, … Read more

Tips For Creating An Editorial Calendar

By Jessica Epperly An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses and groups to control publication of content across different media. Publishers also extract some of their editorial calendar data and make the data publicly available to attract advertisers. Public relations professionals use these abbreviated editorial calendars to try to place stories for their … Read more

How PR Can Help Your Internet Marketing Strategies

By Monica Clarke Internet Marketing and PR are not always seen as going hand in hand but they could not be more connected. Public Relations is very literal and with Web 2.0 being so very user-generated, it makes perfect sense that the two would go together. Here are a few pointers on how PR can … Read more

Tips for Crafting a Pitch

By Jessica Epperly Crafting a strong PR pitch is key to getting the attention of a journalist and ultimately landing a story. By following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure your outreach to media is successful. First, you’ll want to create a strong and relevant media list. Think ahead about who would want to … Read more

PR Trends In 2012

By Jessica Epperly Being an avid trend watcher in any sector of business can be the deciding factor in the sink-or-swim of success – and PR, of course, is no different. So what’s the buzz in trends for 2012? According to www.commpro.biz, a social media awakening will occur. Organizations spending serious dollars on social media … Read more