How To Measure PR Efforts

Quality PR professionals must stay on top of the results their efforts produce. After all, without knowing the return on their investment, how will they know what strategies and techniques should be adjusted and which are working? This principle has always applied in some form to PR reps; the means by which they measure their … Read more

How PR Can Help Your Internet Marketing Strategies

By Monica Clarke Internet Marketing and PR are not always seen as going hand in hand but they could not be more connected. Public Relations is very literal and with Web 2.0 being so very user-generated, it makes perfect sense that the two would go together. Here are a few pointers on how PR can … Read more

Pinterest — Why It’s good for Business and Ideas for What to Post

By Monica Clarke If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, then you may be living under a rock. Pinterest has been everywhere in a social boom, from articles in The Wall Street Journal to local newscasts. Everyone seems to have an interest in Pinterest. But is it just another social fad, and is it worth anything … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Website Marketing

By Soo Dawson To market your website effectively, consider these Do’s and Don’ts to maximize your online visibility. After all, why have a website if no one knows it is there? You must make getting found and staying relevant your main’s and don’ts of online marketing Domake sure you have a functioning website and … Read more