How To Measure PR Efforts

Quality PR professionals must stay on top of the results their efforts produce. After all, without knowing the return on their investment, how will they know what strategies and techniques should be adjusted and which are working? This principle has always applied in some form to PR reps; the means by which they measure their … Read moreHow To Measure PR Efforts

How Nonprofits can Incorporate Visuals into their Social Media

When they were originally created, most social media sites simply served as a means for college friends to talk to one another. Today, however, they have become a world-wide platform for communication among people and organizations of all types. Companies now routinely use all different social media sites, including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Google … Read moreHow Nonprofits can Incorporate Visuals into their Social Media

How PR Can Help Your Internet Marketing Strategies

By Monica Clarke Internet Marketing and PR are not always seen as going hand in hand but they could not be more connected. Public Relations is very literal and with Web 2.0 being so very user-generated, it makes perfect sense that the two would go together. Here are a few pointers on how PR can … Read moreHow PR Can Help Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Social Media: Connect and Be Known

By Jessica Epperly Increasing exposure for your organization does not have to require a laborious or financially daunting initiative. In fact, more and more organizations are realizing the power of inexpensive social media, and even in favor of more traditional methods of marketing and PR. Creating a Facebook or Twitter page is easy enough, but … Read moreSocial Media: Connect and Be Known

Top Mobile Apps for Business

By Monica Clarke No matter what you use as a smart phone — iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or a Blackberry — you have a sea of applications available to you to make your life easier and your work seamless. I’m not talking about the “create your own mustache app” or the “what will … Read moreTop Mobile Apps for Business

Social Media Marketing Strategy – 5 Ways to Improve Yours

By Monica Clarke Creating a social media page and thinking that it will magically make things happen for you is just plain crazy. You create something called “Social Media” to be SOCIAL! The best way you can do this is to designate time spread throughout the day to monitor and interact with your audience. This … Read moreSocial Media Marketing Strategy – 5 Ways to Improve Yours