Crisis Simulations

In a crisis simulation, we have one goal: to prepare you and your org to react and respond to a potentially damaging situation. Hindsight is the least valuable trait to have in a crisis, yet the one that people often rely on, to try to make sense of what has happened and what actions they should have taken. 

A crisis simulation is an opportunity to stress test your organization’s resources in a real-life scenario, based on the greatest area(s) of risk to your organization.  

While you can’t predict when a crisis will hit, or what specific situation will turn into a crisis, you can plan and prepare for those areas that have the greatest risk. 

Our crisis simulations offer: 

  • Customized simulations geared specifically to your needs. 
  • An experienced facilitator, and team members, to observe your team’s activities. 
  • Post-mortem, to review key findings from the simulation, and provide recommendations for areas of improvement. 

Our crisis simulations are custom experiences designed for the needs of your organization. During the simulation, the Mistress of Mayhem, and members of her team, take you through a series of scenarios to see how key players in your organization manage the most important issues. It also reveals any areas of exposure in your internal process, as they relate to information and workflow for handling emergency situations. Some of the crisis simulations are full on productions with actors and others are simple, yet equally effective, workshops designed to provide teams the experience of a crisis. 

Some of the most common challenges we identify are: 

  • Ineffective messaging. 
  • Lack of communication, internally and externally. 
  • Inability to plan beyond the issue in the moment. 
  • Lack of ownership of tasks related to mitigating risk. 
  • Lack of awareness of areas of exposure. 

Our deep understanding of the nonprofit sector uniquely positions us to focus on those areas that are of greatest threat to the sector. Our experience prepares you to think about your key audiences, and ideate plans that will help to maintain relationships with funders and supporters during a crisis. 

Our simulations increase your organization’s confidence that you can manage a threat, and helps everyone involved to better understand and prepare for their role in the process. 

The Mistress of Mayhem and her team will: 

  • Develop a crisis scenario, based on information gathered from your organization. 
  • Present and facilitate the simulation, and the appropriate triggers. 
  • Provide instructions and applicable documentation for participants.  
  • Provide real time challenges and tasks, based on responses during the exercises. 
  • Provide feedback and recommendations post-event, for internal planning. 
  • Provide strategy and counsel, for development of a PR crisis plan. 

The small investment of time and money involved in doing a crisis simulation has allowed a number of organizations to rethink crisis planning, and gain a greater understanding of how to best prepare and leverage their resources.  

What would the Mistress of Mayhem reveal about your organization? 

For more information, or to schedule a simulation, please contact Jennifer Lynn at [email protected] or 212-500-5953 x113.