Brian Franklin

Theme Music: Good Day Sunshine (The Beatles)
Passionate About: My Family, My Pets, My Job and Helping Others

Brian Franklin

Public Relations Manager

Whether rain or rainbows, the sun shines on Wakeman Agency public relations manager Brian Franklin every day. After all, the truism, “When you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life” aptly applies to Brian, who brings energy, enthusiasm and passion to all he touches.

Brian joined the Agency in January 2014 after more than a decade as public relations prodigy, having worked his way up the ranks to the VP level with Edelman public relations firm. During his upward climb with the world’s largest PR organization, Brian was awarded a coveted paid sabbatical. He selflessly capitalized on the opportunity and spent it traveling to South Africa to learn more about the HIV /AIDS pandemic. This was a fitting move for someone who had spent several years after college serving with the National Association of People with AIDS.

It’s clear that Brian believes in making a difference. And he imparts a keen sense of ethics and an amplified sense of “doing the right thing” on behalf of clients and projects. On any given day, Brian reconnects with reporters, makes pitches to producers and explores unique ways to tell clients’ stories. When he connects the dots between organizational strategy and successful media coverage that, by extension, improve the lives of real people and the well-being of our planet, it’s like striking gold.

He says, “I still get excited every time I get a media hit for my clients, no matter the size of the outlet! For me, the most important thing is to always deliver value to my clients, and always act in an ethical and transparent manner.”