The Wakeman Agency FAQ

What types of companies and organizations does The Wakeman Agency serve?

We specialize in serving nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies. Since 2003, we have been providing public relations and event planning services to mission-focused initiatives on a local and national level. Our Wakeman Agency case studies reflect just a sampling of the results we produce and the successes we’ve realized on behalf of our clients.

Do you only work with nonprofits?

The vast majority of our clients are in the nonprofit sector. However, we understand that corporations want to do good also. No matter their industry or audience, the organizations and companies we collaborate with must share a commitment to improving communities, fostering change, advancing equality and related social change missions.

We have a PR emergency and need help immediately. Can we reach someone after hours?

Please call our Crisis Communications hotline at 212-500-5953 x767.

What services does Films for Change offer?

Films are increasingly optimized as effective channels for building, deepening and extending social-change campaigns. Documentaries have the power to educate, inform, mobilize and enact ethical, conscientious movements. The Wakeman Agency’s Films for Change offering aligns message architecture, PR strategies and event management in a seamless package that elevates awareness and motivates involvement. Not only do these strategies drive ticket sales and attendance, we design approaches that transform audiences into committed agents of change.  Independent filmmakers, nonprofit organizations and companies with corporate social responsibility commitments continue to explore, support and produce such works as part of an awareness-raising strategy.

Do you work with technology and start-up companies?

Absolutely. We are well positioned, strategically and geographically, to meet the dynamic and unique needs of start-up companies and businesses in the tech sector. With a Wakeman Agency office in Sunnyvale, CA, the very heart of Silicon Valley, we are proud of our commitment to help organizations develop their philanthropic footprint.

Can The Wakeman Agency offer services for national and international campaigns?

Our capacity is not restricted by geography. The Wakeman Agency has a demonstrated track record of meeting and outperforming the event planning and public relations needs of clients near and far. Though we are based in the United States, we are in fact a global firm, with the bandwidth to serve clients internationally.

What are your standard fees?

Our fees for special events are typically from $55,000 for a standard fundraising gala. Media relations campaigns start at $5,500 per month with a 6-month minimum. We would be happy to speak with you to gain a greater understanding of your needs.

What experience do you have working in the social change sector?

Our commitment to the social change sector is one of the very reasons The Wakeman Agency exists. As our CEO proudly boasts, “We are the people behind the people at the forefront of social change.” This means that serving the social change sector by partnering with ethical and conscientious nonprofits and socially responsible organizations is integral to our firm’s vision and mission.

How do I join the mailing list?

To join our mailing list, simply sign up here.

Are you hiring?

People love working at The Wakeman Agency. We thrive on our entrepreneurial culture, where we champion individuality, embrace professional development, foster flexibility and empower creativity. To see current openings, visit The Wakeman Agency Careers page.