Father’s Day Giving

While annual appeals are still an effective way to raise funds, nonprofit organizations can benefit from looking at other ways to generate passive revenue streams by leveraging the emotional power of their core services.

With Father’s Day approaching, I can’t help but notice the clever but effective and highly valuable tie-ins that some savvy nonprofits have created. One that I really love is charity: water . charity: water allows gift givers an option to purchase gift cards that will provide safe drinking water to people in developing nations. In their online store, you can create a personalized Father’s Day card and make your purchase on behalf of dear old Dad. What a great way to show Dad that you were listening when he told you about the importance of helping others.

Tie-ins like this offer a great opportunity for do-gooders and the rest of us to make major impact. For nonprofits that don’t think this could work for them, think again. With some creativity and planning every nonprofit can increase their revenue stream by simply making charitable opportunities more accessible.

Has your organization found new supporters from a recent promotion or tie-in? We’d love to hear about it.