Get Media Attention – Effective Tips for Story Riding

One of the most proactive things an organization can do to get media attention is known as story riding. Story riding is simply taking a current story in the media and “spinning it” to make it relevant to you. The key to successful story riding is to know how to make the connection between you and a current news story without making too far of a stretch.get media attention

An example of this would be when a statistic relevant to your organization is published by mainstream media. In this case, the timing would be ideal for your organization to issue a statement to media regarding the statistic. Another example would be if your organization champions physical fitness among pre-teens and a new statistic has just been released claiming 60% of US teens are currently overweight. Again, the opportunity for your organization to comment is ripe.

To keep track of breaking news stories that have a direct relationship to your organization’s mission, it is important to stay up to speed with trade media since such outlets are usually the first to release news regarding your sector. In addition, be sure to create Google alerts that incorporate key words which may alert you to breaking news stories or statistics. Also, keep track of outside associations that release annual statistics and know when they are set to release. One example: if your organization helps the underserved in your community find employment, then you should know in advance when the Bureau of Labor Statistics data is released.

What have you done lately to get media attention? Please share comments below.