How PR Can Help Your Internet Marketing Strategies

By Monica Clarke

Internet Marketing and PR are not always seen as going hand in hand but they could not be more connected. Public Relations is very literal and with Web 2.0 being so very user-generated, it makes perfect sense that the two would go together. Here are a few pointers on how PR can help your Internet Marketing strategies:

#1 Social Media: The public has gone to the web to share and spread the word about their favorite (and not-so-favorite) movies, foods and charities. Managing content from a PR perspective, including interaction and/or crisis management via Facebook, Twitter and the like, is immediate and directly connects to the public. If your PR team and your Social Media team aren’t talking and strategizing now, they should. Why? Because if you want to read your demographic quickly, social media is the channel to explore.

#2 Blogs: Bloggers are journalists. They are blunt and to the point. They often cover very specific niches and maintain a very strong loyalty amongst their readers. Your PR staff or agency should be pitching stories to bloggers that are respected in the fields in which you are trying to engage. You can also invite bloggers to guest post on your own blog; this will offer a new view and expert insight on whatever product or service you provide.

#3 Website and Inbound Links: This is the most valuable pointer because if done right it will propel your SEO rankings on Google and other search engines. Pitch to bloggers and online news sites in order for them to write about your organization, and ask them to make sure to include a link to your site in what they write. Whether it’s a review, a news article or a feature, this link will be found by crawlers. And depending on the validity of the site that links to yours, you may just find your website jumping page rank very quickly. The easier you are found, the more popular you will become, and in the end it is better for your business or charity.

The lesson learned here is to not ignore the traditional methods of Public Relations. Instead, make sure to apply them to current and emerging media outlets. If you do this or find an agency to do this for you, I guarantee you will see a huge impact on your bottom line.