How to be a Publicist – Just a Day in the Life

By Jessica Epperly

When you are a publicist, every day is unique. The general role of a publicist is to secure press coverage for his or her client — a liaison between a high-profile person and the media. Clients can include titans of industry, political dignitaries, celebrities, luminaries or anyone looking to improve or further their public image or profile. Publicists are expected to create public relations campaigns for their client that will promote their brand and make them more visible within their market. Often described as being members of a “thankless industry,” publicists typically put in long hours, and most receive little financial reward in return. They need to be reliable, have solid writing skills, and possess a sixth sense for what makes a good news in the life of a publicist.publicist

The professional life of a publicist can at times be stressful and marked by continual deadlines, not to mention the constant challenge of managing client and media expectations. Always on call, publicists can sometimes find it difficult to balance work and home life. Although a publicist can be thought of as someone who mingles with the stars, the nature of celebrity is fleeting, so one can expect some dry spells during a publicity career. One day you’re representing Angelina Jolie, and the next day you’re pitching stories for Hulk Hogan.

Indeed, the life of a publicist is not for everyone. But for those who love an ongoing challenge and have superb communication and people skills, the art of publicity does have more rewards than downfalls. The important thing is to get some degree of satisfaction and thrill from working with public figures and the media.