How to Find Trending Topics Quickly on Twitter

By Monica Clarke

Finding a trend on Twitter should not be like finding Waldo in a sea of candy canes; it should be simple and easy to use to ensure that your message gets seen by those who care about what you have to say. Here are a few tools we like to use to stay on top of the trends:trending topics

BBC Super Bowl Twitter Trending topics

  • Trendistic: Trendistic is a site that allows you to track what is trending on Twitter according to hours, day, or even month. You can backtrack all the way up to 180 days. In the right-hand column of their page you are able to quickly see all trending topics as they occur, and not just ones with hashtags but also keywords and phrases. You are even able to search trends by typing in a key word or phrase. You can type in your organization’s name and see if you are a trending topic, and you can discover what actual tweets are saying about you even if they haven’t @mentioned you. For instance, try typing in “Red Cross” and you will get an idea about what I mean.
  • Have you ever wanted to use a hashtag but not just make one up? Or have you just wanted to find a standard, well-searched hashtag to use for your next post? Well, this site provides just that in a very clean and clear-cut format. It breaks it down by categories, including Business, Education, Social Change, TV Entertainment, etc. You are also able to add hashtags, see how individual hashtags are trending, and view a graphed breakdown.
    @Trendingtopics: I like this one because it is built right into Twitter. It is a handle that you simply follow. Trends then get delivered to your feed automatically, just like any other account you may follow.
  • This one is my personal favorite out of the four, and not only due to its witty namesake. This one will provide you trends by country and by town. It also provides the current “TOP 10.” What makes this site unique is that it explains why something is trending in the first place. And if they don’t have it posted, you are able to interact and explain why. For instance, as I’m writing this blog “Radiohead” is trending at #7. This is due to the fact that their album “The King of Limbs” is being release on Black Friday a day ahead of schedule. This is music news that I was unaware of before understanding the trend, plus I didn’t have to troll through everyone using the trend to find out what it is all about.

Hope these Twitter-supporting websites not only help you get your message out to the masses, but also help you to get a conversation going with your key audience. Have you come across a website that may help others find out what is trending fast, or do you have more questions? Share it on our Facebook wall: