Infographic: The Power of One in Nonprofit Fundraising

Infographic: The Power of One in Nonprofit Fundraising

Individual giving, en masse, robustly supplies nonprofit organizations’ coffers

Even in the social-change space, we sometimes underestimate the power of the individual. But we know that, when mobilized, the game-changing impact of the individual can be vast. This also pays dividends when it comes to raising funds for worthwhile causes.

We’ve seen this manifest in crowdfunding initiatives, when people pool together their resources (of various amounts, at every level) to back ventures and causes they believe in. [tweet bird=”yes”] We also bear witness to the power of the individual in conceiving viral campaigns and organizing awareness-raising social media efforts. [/tweet] These frequently began with just one person’s idea – later channeled into activism on local, regional, national and even global levels.

Nonprofit donations and charitable giving operate similarly. Organizations compete for and seek large infusions of cash and resources via grants or funding from corporations and foundations. But, as the metrics in this infographic show, individual generosity accounts for the greatest source of charitable giving for most nonprofits.

The proof is in the numbers with individual donations. What percentage of your nonprofit’s charitable giving can be credited to “the power of one”?


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