Traditional Media, Facebook Win Credibility Contest

There is much more to how viewers and readers perceive and vet branded content than meets the eye. While newfangled digital platforms tend to dominate headlines and preferred practices by many media and PR practitioners, what’s old is new again – or, rather, it has never gone completely out of style in the first place.

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Raising the Bar (and Engagement) by Celebrating Success

In 2005, The Wakeman Agency started working with Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO), a New York-based nonprofit organization that helps enable small business owners and budding entrepreneurs through its signature workshop – a sixteen-week program that can be likened to a mini-MBA. During this program, attendees from underserved communities gain foundational business knowledge in critical subject areas such as sales, finance, human resources and customer service.

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From The Wakeman Agency Archives

As we celebrate our twelfth birthday this month, we find ourselves reminiscing about the early days. Check out this article about one of our first clients, The Development and Finishing Institute. It was our first media placement in The New York Times and we have been on a roll ever since – building and nurturing deep relationships with a broad group of producers, reporters, hosts, editors and bloggers that cover a variety of beats for some of the most sought after, coveted media outlets. Relationships that have benefited our growing roster of clients.

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The Wow Factor of the Wakeman Workplace

According to the Harvard Business Review, more than 100 studies found that the most engaged employees — those who report they’re fully invested in their jobs and committed to their employers — are significantly more productive, drive higher customer satisfaction and outperform those who are less engaged.

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Happy Birthday to Us

This July, The Wakeman Agency turns 12!

It’s hard to believe that more than a decade has passed since my idea officially became a reality now known as The Wakeman Agency. What started out as a notion is now a full-fledged operation, with three offices, a presence on both coasts, a shining roster of nonprofit rock stars and exciting new offerings on the horizon.

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Asking for money too soon can be a recipe for fundraising failure.

Do You Kiss on the First Date?

Money. It’s one of the last remaining untouchable topics in a society where ever fewer subjects are considered taboo. But for nonprofits with goals, objectives and missions to realize, being gun-shy about dollars and cents can be a recipe for stagnation or failure.

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Maintaining Instagram for nonprofits

Staying Instagram Relevant

So you’ve launched an Instagram account, and your organization has announced it to the world. Your key stakeholders have been informed, and you have shared the good news about your expanded online presence to friends, followers and fans on your other social media channels. But what now?

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Help, My Board Won’t Fundraise!

Being a Board member of a nonprofit organization is no small task.

In general, Board members are responsible for governance and support – at the most basic essence, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s legally, financially and ethically, while facilitating operational and administrative needs.

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We collaborate with nonprofit organizations who want to build influence and generate revenue for important social issues. Let’s talk about what that looks like for your organization.