Integrating Social Media into Events

Everything is finally set up and ready to go. You have the location reserved, the entertainment has been secured and the only thing left to do is to get the word out. But how can you advertise your event to reach the widest possible audience without blowing your budget? The answer is social media. Whether you are putting on a fundraising auction, a public gala, an anniversary celebration or any other type of event, social media can be invaluable before, during and after the event itself.


The most obvious way that social media can benefit your event beforehand is simply as a promotional tool that allows you to potentially reach a very large target audience. If you have taken up the time to build up a group of followers or subscribers who are already interested in your company, you can even promote your event without spending a penny. If you have not yet accumulated these followers, this is a perfect time to begin doing so via a targeted ad campaign. This type of campaign will ensure that only people who are already interested in your company see your ads, maximizing the return you see from the money you invest. With an ever-increasing majority of Americans using social media, this is the perfect way to spread the word about your event.


Social media can aid your event even after it has started. Live event feeds can spread the excitement and help those who are uncertain about attending make up their minds. You can also upload photos and video clips to your social media profile throughout the event. If you run a nonprofit event, you could even post thank-you messages to donors immediately after processing their donations, making make them more likely to come back for your next event and reminding other individuals to donate as well – even ones who were not physically able to attend.


An area where social media truly shines is in its ability to help you maintain contact with attendees after an event is over, hopefully encouraging them to become recurring supporters over the long haul. One way to get this process started is to announce a social media contest. For example, you can inform event attendees that the person or persons who join your Facebook page or other social medial profile and post the best photo from taken during your event will win a prize. Not only is this a fun activity for people at the event itself, it also helps ensure that they stay connected to the organization after the event ends.

Using social media well can help ensure that your event is a success. It allows you to reach a huge segment of the public, spread the word quickly and keep your attendees interested and engaged at all points. Social media can make the difference between a relatively forgettable, one-time event and a rousing success that continues paying dividends for months or years afterwards.