Join The Wakeman Agency CEO Vanessa Wakeman at NYC’s Social Media Week


Vanessa Wakeman, CEO of the Wakeman Agency, is a workshop presenter during New York’s Social Media Week event. Vanessa’s workshop, entitled “Thought Leadership: Social Change in 140 Characters or Less,” will be held at the Centre for Social Innovation on Wednesday, February 25 from 11AM-12PM. Seats are filling quickly, so follow the link below to reserve yours!

Thought Leadership: Social Change in 140 Characters or Less

Many people try to capture public consciousness for a purpose, but few become true thought leaders. As agents of change, most leaders of small nonprofits or social enterprises understand the importance of building support for those ideas and issues that impact the community-at-large.

Thought leadership represents an opportunity to move the needle on an issue.  It allows an individual or an organization to leverage an often-overlooked asset – intellectual capital to build awareness and create important dialogues.

Thanks to social media, today there are ways to connect with stakeholders, allowing for more expedient connections and sharing of ideas.   Creating a plan of action around the specific topic that you want to speak on and finding the appropriate channels to share it can help you to create a strong leadership platform.

This workshop will explore ways to harness big ideas, interject your opinion and create dialogues and connection that lead to change.

We will review the basics of creating a thought leadership platform and leveraging your assets on social media to build community and awareness.

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