The Lexicon Project

The Lexicon Project™

Elevating your organization’s cultural competency through the use of language.

“Whether communicating with internal teams, or helping us position our teams with the people we work on behalf of, the Lexicon Project created a practical, structured path forward for us to better align the language we use to our organization’s core values.

-Vice President, Public Affairs of a leading global health nonprofit

Through the Lexicon Project™, we invite organizations into the deep exploration of developing and operationalizing language and narratives that translate to effective and culturally competent communications with key audiences.

As communications experts, we know the role language plays in advancing systemic bias, or creating actions toward equity. It is important to develop shared language, as organizations journey towards building ecosystems rooted in Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI).

Our JEDI work is the culmination of two decades focused on upending systems of oppression, to accelerate progress on important social issues through the foundational construct of societies: language.

Finding consensus on the language that reflects an organization’s JEDI principles, and being able to express that language in a culturally competent manner, is a powerful step when seeking to operationalize JEDI.

Communication gaps can thwart the best intended efforts to systematize JEDI. The Lexicon Project applies a structured process that evaluates cultural competency with strategic support that deepens JEDI fluency and gives leadership and staff stronger skills with internal and external communications.

The Lexicon Project™ clarifies areas of confusion and lack of consistent application of JEDI values through a nuanced process of both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, resulting in a roadmap to help actualize JEDI goals.

How does The Lexicon Project™ help operationalize JEDI efforts?

  • Evaluate the status of your organization’s cultural competency.
  • Uncover challenges and opportunities in communications practices.
  • Find consensus on language that reflects JEDI principles.
  • Strengthen internal and external communications through the creation of practical, scalable tools.

Recent Accolades

The Los Angeles Times covered the report, which underscored a pervasive lack of understanding, consistency and application of inclusive language within the communications industry.

On June 15th, we were honored at the 2022 Diversity Action Alliance Annual Dinner for Best DEI Communications Research, for The Language of Diversity report. This annual event honors industry change-makers and thought leaders. Receiving recognition for this work highlights a growing understanding of the power of language to drive change.

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