Me and My Roommate, Resistance

In August, I made my way to France for a writing residency, to work on my book about my favorite topic: thought leadership for women.

I arrived at this gorgeous castle, so proud of myself for believing in my work, enough to do something I’ve never done before. Two weeks away from my life, with the sole purpose of creating something I want to birth to the world? I never thought it was possible.

I was so excited to be there, away from work, away from my day-to-day distractions. I just wanted to write.

This book is the next step in my thought leadership journey but more importantly, it’s the resource that I want women to have. I envision highlighted paragraphs, dog-eared pages and battered covers from your overuse. But before any of that can happen, I have to complete the book.

So, there I am at the residency, preparing myself to write, saying a silent prayer that the Muse will show up, but my roommate interrupts me. You may know her- her name is Resistance. She proceeded to fill my head with 100 unimportant tasks, and when I refused to do any of them, she then reminded me that I had never written a book. Eek, she was right!

I was prepared for Resistance. Experience has taught me that she is always going to pay me a visit when I am about to do something amazing. She was there when I launched Wakeman, won my first industry award, did my first speaking engagement, and when I decided to create She Roars- all of the milestones that I get to claim.

I can’t lie- she did startle me, but she didn’t scare me. I noted her presence and proceeded to write. And that afternoon, I wrote my heart out. My voice. My thoughts. My vision. That day, I reframed two chapters and re-worked some other language that I wasn’t in love with. It felt so good.

Of the 2,834 women that receive our weekly She Roars emails, I’m guessing that half will be sidelined by Resistance, and never take a step toward their thought leadership journey.  Resistance will say, “The timing isn’t right.” She’ll say, “You can’t afford the Master Class or Solo Sessions.” She may even say, “You are not ready.”

But what do you say? If you are still opening my emails, then I think deep down in your heart, you are saying yes to your thought leadership.

If I can offer any advice, it’s this: if you take one step forward, Resistance will absolutely take two steps back. Remember, she only shows up when you are about to do something special. And changing the world is pretty damn special.

If you join us for our Master Class or Solo Sessions, we are going to talk about Resistance, and all of the other road blocks (internal and external), that try to stop you from building your platform. It’s one of my favorite parts of the training, because once we clear those hurdles, then it’s all strategy and action.

And if you are wondering about my roommate, Resistance left that day. Maybe she changed rooms or fled the country, but I didn’t see her for the rest of my visit. She didn’t say goodbye or leave a note, but I’m sure she’ll be back.

In the meantime I’ll keep writing.  

For information about the She Roars Master Class, Solo Sessions, or our signature 1-1 Training, please contact Jenn Lynn, at [email protected], or call 212.500.5953, x113. Early bird pricing ends this week, so act now!

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Vanessa Wakeman
CEO, The Wakeman Agency



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