Podcast Social Change Diaries

The year 2020 represents a profound moment in human history, as the global pandemics of COVID-19 and racism have sparked massive waves that herald a new era of change. In the 5th season of The Social Change Diaries, Vanessa speaks with leaders in various sectors about the impact and aftermath of this moment on a range of issues, including civil rights, philanthropy, the media and more, focusing on what the future may hold, as we navigate consistent shifts into “next normals”

Podcast The Social Change Diaries season 4

We are super excited about our new season, focused on Celebrity and Influencers. As we all know, social media and the interconnectedness of our world, has forever changed the way we relate and communicate. These new tools and methods of engagement are powerful, valuable resources for catalyzing social change. One tweet or mention in an interview by the right person can ignite action on the part of followers and even change the trajectory of a nonprofit organization. Let’s look at how nonprofits can harness and leverage this collective power to address the most pressing social issues of our time.

Podcast Social Change Diaries Season 3: Leadership in Social Change
The theme for our third season is Leadership, as it relates to the social change sector. We will be exploring a range of topics, including the general tone of what’s happening with leadership in the overall sector, the role of leadership in nonprofits today, philanthropy and leadership, lack of opportunities for people of color and much more.
Podcast Social Change Diaries Season 2: Philanthropy
Season 2 of the Social Change Diaries podcast takes a deep dive into the Philanthropy eco-system. We see this season as a way to highlight the shifts in giving, address opportunities and challenges faced by the sector and familiarize the audience with the new giving code. We are including key foundations, individual donors, advisors, CEOs and development officers in this conversation, to glean what’s happening now, what’s on the horizon and how nonprofits can best position themselves to garner more financial support.
Podcast Social Change Diaries Season 1: Woman and Thought Leadership

We kicked off the first season of the Social Changes Diaries with the topic of Women and Thought Leadership. It was a phenomenal season, with deep insights from some powerhouse leaders in the sector today: Melissa Harris-Perry, Ai-jen Poo, Abigail Disney, Jacki Zehner, Ana Oliveira, Saru Jayaraman, Marianne Schnall, Erica Payne and Rinku Sen. From personal experiences to expert observations, we immersed in the topic, encouraging listeners to think about their own evolution into thought leadership.