PR Trends In 2012

By Jessica Epperly

Being an avid trend watcher in any sector of business can be the deciding factor in the sink-or-swim of success – and PR, of course, is no different. So what’s the buzz in trends for 2012?

Past and Future - Two-Way Street SignAccording to, a social media awakening will occur. Organizations spending serious dollars on social media will increasingly realize that social media is only part of the mix. The most important revelation to come from this is just how much of a marketing budget is required to achieve campaign success through social media.

In addition, PR will become a necessity and not just discretionary. More and more, everyone from start-up companies to national organizations are realizing it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive in order to stay ahead of the competition in any vertical. Typically, a marketing budget is usually the first to be eliminated from a fiscal budget. That trend is about to change.

The letter “C” will rule 2012 according to They have broken down the top five trends that all five start with the letter “C.” These are: Content Marketing, Curation, Connections, Community Building and Counsel.

As reported on, social media will continue to empower citizen journalism, as anyone with a smartphone device can instantaneously create and share news in real time. This compels communicators to start treating their community as news distribution channels. Facebook and Twitter were the top outlets where people found out about the U.S. attack on Osama bin Laden’s compound. This just shows the evolution of social networks as news sources, which means communications pros must at the least have an active listening/monitoring plan in place to stay close to their community online as well as their targeted media.