Social Change Diaries Season 2: Philanthropy
Social Change Diaries Season 2: Philanthropy
Social Change Diaries Season 2: Philanthropy

The Social Change Diaries podcast is dedicated to exploring pivotal aspects of the social change sector, from the perspective of the experts who live and breathe the work of changing our world for the better. The show is hosted by Wakeman Agency CEO, Vanessa Wakeman. Each season is dedicated to a specific theme that is at the forefront of the sector.

The theme for Season 2 is Philanthropy, where we take a deep dive into the philanthropy eco-system. We see this season as a way to highlight the shifts in giving, address opportunities and challenges faced by the sector and familiarize the audience with the new giving code. We will be brining you compelling interviews with key leaders in sector, including foundations, individual donors, advisors, CEOs and development officers, to glean what’s happening now, what’s on the horizon and how nonprofits can best position themselves to garner financial support.

Podcast Non-profit event planning and fundraising gala

Philanthropy and White Supremacy: A Conversation with Pamela Shifman & Vanessa Daniel

Institutional philanthropy plays a pivotal role in advancing social change, but far too often these same organizations hinder progress through systematic white supremacy. Vanessa Daniel and Pamela Shifman highlight the challenges and opportunities to bring about equity in the sector. The conversation highlights the huge disparity in funding and support for organizations led by people of color, who often receive less than their counterparts.

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Podcast Social Change Diaries Season 2: Philanthropy Ana Marie Argilagos

Ana Marie Argilagos on Philanthropy By, For and About Latino Communities

There are an estimated 55 million Hispanic people in the United States, comprising over 17% of the population and Ana Marie Argilagos is working to usher in a new generation of philanthropy that is for, by, and about the Latino community. Looking to fill the gap unmet by institutional philanthropy, Ana talks candidly about what philanthropy looks like for Latinos and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

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Podcast Edgar Villanueva, Philanthropy

Edgar Villanueva on Decolonizing Wealth in America

Through a fascinating look at the history of our country, Edgar Villanueva provides a powerful, insightful argument for us to evaluate institutional philanthropy today. He believes that the way forward is to “heal the pain of the past and restore balance to the land.” Tune in to hear his powerful call-to-action to decolonize wealth in America.

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Podcast Valaida Fullwood, Philanthropy, The Social Change Diaries

Valaida Fullwood on the History of African Americans and Philanthropy

Contrary to popular belief, philanthropy has been a long standing tradition of the African American community. Valiada shares her insights about how African Americans give, why they give and what the future holds. Through interviews completed while researching for her book, Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists, she uncovered the spirit of generosity that has strengthened communities for generations.

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Podcast Tamir Novotny, Philanthropy

Tamir Novotny and the Emerging Generation Changing the Philanthropy Landscape

No need to worry about passing the baton to the next generation of leaders in the philanthropy space. In this conversation with Tamir Novotny, Executive Director for Emerging Practitioners of Philanthropy, we learn about the vision of emerging leaders and how they want to show up in the world to create change. This isn’t your father’s leadership model. Gain insight into why this generation is focused on equity as a way to change today’s philanthropy landscape.

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Podcast Jason Franklin, Philanthropy, The Social Change Diaries

Dr. Jason Franklin on the Many Faces of Philanthropy

Philanthropist, Author and Researcher, Dr. Jason Franklin, talks about the role of philanthropy in transforming communities. As the
first holder of the W. K. Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair, Jason is focused on reframing conversations and actions about how communities take care of the people that occupy them. From “outrage giving” to donating time, he talks about the many ways and reasons that people give. Jasons’ deep understanding of philanthropy and loyal support of underserved communities leads to a candid conversation that is analytical and insightful.

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