The Social Change Diaries podcast is dedicated to exploring pivotal aspects of the social change sector, from the perspective of the experts who live and breathe the work of changing our world for the better. The show is hosted by Wakeman Agency CEO, Vanessa Wakeman. Each season is dedicated to a specific theme that is at the forefront of the sector.

The theme for Season 3 is Leadership, as it relates to the social change sector. We will be exploring a range of topics, including the general tone of what’s happening with leadership in the overall sector, the role of leadership in nonprofits today, philanthropy and leadership, lack of opportunities for people of color and more.

PR Legend, Patrice Tanaka, on Why Impactful Leadership and Living Your Life Purpose Go Hand in Hand

Serial Entrepreneur and PR legend, Patrice Tanaka, knows how to achieve the most impactful leadership style possible. In our final episode of our Leadership season, she shares how defining her life purpose and pursuing it with courage not only influenced the evolution of her leadership style, but how it’s essential for all of us in order to become the best leaders possible in our work and lives overall.

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Jeremy Heimans on How New Power Catalyzes Impactful Social Change Movements

We kick off 2019 with a quick sit down with Jeremy Heimans, Co-Founder & CEO of Purpose and author of New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World–and How to Make It Work for You. We get his take on new power and it’s potential as a catalyst for social movements. During the conversation, Jeremy cites examples of how new power is being leveraged in the world around us and it’s powerful impact on creating change.

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Legal Rebel, Janelle Orsi, Transforms the Way We Think About Leadership

In 2010, The American Bar Association named Janelle Orsi a Legal Rebel, for being an attorney who is remaking the legal profession through the power of innovation. We agree- Janelle is a rebel with a cause, transforming the way we think about leadership in this shifting economy. From participatory leadership to salary transparency, Janelle is leading by example to expand our definition of leadership. In this episode, Janelle shares examples of how her organization’s leadership practices create opportunities for every level of staff to be engaged in contributing to the organization.

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How Climate Warrior Elizabeth Yeampierre Has Re-Written the Rules of Power

With the urgency and focus of a woman on a mission to save the planet, Elizabeth Yeampierre leads UPROSE with a fierce commitment to a “leaderful” leadership model, that distributes power to all. With an emphasis on intergenerational and intersectional leadership, Elizabeth has rewritten the rules of power and placed it in the hands of the most marginalized groups. In this interview, Elizabeth talks about her experiences as a leader and how her organization is shaping conversations and actions in the climate justice fight.

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Rusty Stahl

Rusty Stahl’s Radical Vision for a Transformed Nonprofit Workforce

The typical nonprofit playbook includes a scenario where an organization has constrained resources and overworked staff with limited access to professional development opportunities. Rusty Stahl, CEO and Founder of Fund the People, is advocated for something radically different. In this episode of Social Change Diaries, Rusty makes the case for an industry wide overhaul of how we invest in the nonprofit workforce.

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Sean Thomas Breitfeld

Sean Thomas-Breitfeld on the Uneven Playing Field of Nonprofit Leadership

They say what gets measured gets done. A conversation with Sean Thomas-Breitfeld of the Building Movement Project shines a spotlight on the racial leadership gap in the nonprofit sector, as well as some specific measurable actions that can create much needed change in the leadership ranks. In the interview, Sean not only shares the cold, hard facts, he also takes us through his experience of presenting the data and the prevailing opinions of various audiences. This episode is a must listen for anyone that works within the eco-system of social change today.

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Kashif Shaikh

Kashif Shaikh on Leadership that Reframes the Narrative Around Muslim-Americans

As a first-generation Muslim American, Kashif Shaikh sees the world through a lens that ensures American Muslims have access to all of the freedoms and opportunities this country offers. In a conversation about leadership, he shares his vision and the importance of developing leaders who can tell their stories to create change, shifting the current narrative around Muslim-Americans. In less than a decade, under Kashif’s leadership, he has grown the organization he co-founded, the Pillars Fund, into a leading voice for American Muslims. Listen and learn.

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