The Social Change Diaries podcast is dedicated to exploring pivotal aspects of the social change sector, from the perspective of the experts who live and breathe the work of changing our world for the better. The show is hosted by Wakeman Agency CEO, Vanessa Wakeman. Each season is dedicated to a specific theme that is at the forefront of the sector.

The theme for Season 5 is The Aftermath of Crises. The year 2020 represents a profound moment in human history, as the global pandemics of COVID-19 and racism have sparked massive waves that herald a new era of change. In this season, Vanessa speaks with leaders in various sectors about the impact and aftermath of this moment on a range of issues, including civil rights, philanthropy, the media and more, focusing on what the future may hold, as we navigate consistent shifts into “next normals”.

Podcast Donna Lieberman. The Aftermath of Crises- The Next Normal

NYCLU Executive Director, Donna Lieberman, on Civil Liberties and Our New Normal

At no point in recent history has civil rights been so loudly at the forefront of everyday life, in multiple ways. The tidal wave of shared trauma ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent slew of racially motivated murders presents glaring questions and implications around civil rights and how this moment can be a springboard for true systemic change. As an expert in policies, laws and all facets of civil rights, Ms. Lieberman discusses the implications of this time period, how it relates to other historical moments in civil rights and the myriad of nuances that comprise this complex, but powerful moment in human history.

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Podcast Cristi Hegranes- The Aftermarth of Crises- The Next Normal

Global Press Visionary, Cristi Hegranes, on the Need for Consequence Driven Reporting

In this episode, Global Press Founder, Cristi Hegranes, shines a powerful light on solutions to institutional, ingrained problems that underly today’s news media. She outlines key differences between action driven reporting and its more informative, impactful alternative: consequence driven reporting. Learn why trained local journalists, equipped to provide precise narratives that accurately inform listeners, represent a pathway to truly educating people in a non biased way, about important global issues.

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