Social Media: Connect and Be Known

By Jessica Epperly

Increasing exposure for your organization does not have to require a laborious or financially daunting initiative. In fact, more and more organizations are realizing the power of inexpensive social media, and even in favor of more traditional methods of marketing and PR. Creating a Facebook or Twitter page is easy enough, but capitalizing on these outlets’ full potential to reach millions of other users is where many organizations can fall short. Creating a Facebook or Twitter page is no different than opening a bricks and mortar storefront. In order to drive awareness and traffic through the door, you need to ensure your presence is known and you need to offer a clear benefit by having a well-defined social media marketing strategy.

So how can you create a clear benefit to likely followers? Statistically, social media users have a tendency to follow similar brands or organizations. For example, a high percentage of PetSmart followers also follow PETCO. By liking brands or organizations that are popular with your fan base, you can connect to your target audience and therefore increase the chance that your social media marketing message will resonate. Also, sourcing content most relevant to your audience will help to encourage interaction on your page between you and your followers as well as between the followers themselves. Knowing what your target market has a high degree of interest in will allow you to keep content interesting and your followers engaged.

And what about ensuring that your presence is known? Facebook and Twitter both offer ad buy opportunities and you should consider incorporating these into your social media marketing strategy. Just last May, Jack Daniel’s began incorporating Twitter ads as part of the company’s marketing initiative. “The promoted tweets did exactly what they were intended to do. All of the social media activity centered around the objective of building brand awareness,” said Marjorie Dufek, interactive marketing director at Brown-Forman, as told to ClickZ.

Dufek said Twitter reported “significantly higher than average” engagement rates for the campaign, as well as greater use of the brand name within tweets than its advertisers usually experience. “The advantage for us is that people see Jack Daniel’s as a friend; it’s a very social brand by nature. We have an unprecedented opportunity to have real conversations with our consumers via social media.”