Corporate Social Responsibility

Socially responsible companies

Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Citizenship, Corporate Sustainability…
Call it what you like, it’s simply good business.

Do you believe that we are all responsible for leaving the planet better off than we found it? We do. We believe that everyone can contribute to the triple bottom line (people, planet and profits) and in doing so help to make the world a better place. Corporations have an obligation not only to their shareholders, but to their employees, the environment and the community-at-large.

If you are interested in doing good and think you can do better, we encourage you to consider FOOTPRINT, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offering. FOOTPRINT is based upon an idea that individuals and corporate entities alike share in the responsibility of harnessing our skills and resources to change the world. Within every good company is a group of people working together toward a common goal. Imagine what could be accomplished if those same talents were leveraged to solve challenges beyond your customer base?

Our work with nonprofits and foundations has taught us that doing good and doing well need not be mutually exclusive and we have a unique perspective for where the help is most needed.

Today there is a lot of dialogue about CSR. FOOTPRINT is not for those only interested in paying lip service, but for companies that want to leverage their intellectual, financial and social capital to leave a positive mark on the world. CSR programs vary in size and scope. We help organizations take a phased approach to using their resources to create change.

Once we determine how you can make the greatest impact, we will also help design and execute a PR campaign to communicate your efforts.

Consumers are looking to do business with companies that have shared values. What does your company stand for?

For more information about FOOTPRINT please call 212-500-5953, x113.