Going Back to School: Signs Your PR or Event Team Needs a Reboot

The Wakeman Agency’s “This Week in Social Change” feature takes a snapshot at high-impact headlines and happenings in the social-change space. We consistently mine the nonprofit and social-change landscape, assessing opportunities to learn from disruption in action, innovation in the works and even eye-opening missteps along the way.

How to Make Yourself Attractive to the Media

Practical tips that drive engagement, relationship building and credibility

The media landscape has forever been disrupted by innovation, as technologies re-frame national conversations and democratize news coverage via citizen journalists, YouTube stars, social media darlings and their related ilk.

Still, the traditional newsroom and established media giants remain The Fourth Estate, vis-à-vis national television networks and local affiliates, daily newspapers and talk radio programs, vetting facts and sanctioning the headlines of the day. Just as the old and new ways of media collapse and converge, connecting with reporters, editors and news producers likewise demands an ability to finesse tried-and-true media relations practices with the novel and new.

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Five Simple Ways to Make a Reporter your BFF

Whether you work for a nonprofit or a for-profit company, building strong relationships with the media is crucial. Keeping these tips in mind can help ensure that the experience is a pleasant one for all parties concerned. # 1: Provide Solid Stats When meeting with a reporter, you obviously will want to present your company … Read more

Why Our PR Intern’s Goals Have Changed

By Tara Fee What is my ideal job in public relations? Well to be honest, I am really not sure. My ideas have jumped all over the place. First, I dreamed of being a fashion publicist. I mean come on – I was young and had a passion for fashion. It seemed like it would … Read more