Do You Kiss on the First Date?

Asking for money too soon can be a recipe for fundraising failure.

Being presumptive or premature can railroad relations with donor prospects

Money. It’s one of the last remaining untouchable topics in a society where ever fewer subjects are considered taboo. But for nonprofits with goals, objectives and missions to realize, being gun-shy about dollars and cents can be a recipe for stagnation or failure.

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Staying Instagram Relevant

Maintaining Instagram for nonprofits

Ways to optimize your presence and maximize your impact on this ultra-visual social platform

So you’ve launched an Instagram account, and your organization has announced it to the world. Your key stakeholders have been informed, and you have shared the good news about your expanded online presence to friends, followers and fans on your other social media channels. But what now?

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Getting Instagram Ready


Preparatory steps for launching an Instagram account that tells your nonprofit organization’s story

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These popular social media sites represent the grand triumvirate of all things social, covering community building, news gathering, topic trending, and professional bridge-building and networking.

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Signs It Might be Time for Your Nonprofit to Hire a PR Agency

PR firm

Partnering with external PR firm – a viable strategy in effective nonprofits’ toolboxes

Organizational public relations teams – no matter the industry, sector, mission or size – sometimes benefit from external, value-added expertise. Engaging with an outside PR agency bolsters resources, increases bandwidth and offers relief.

External PR firms provide the extra talent and skill that may not merely help to make staff members’ jobs easier, but also render the team and organization more effective and successful.

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Five Reasons Why Your Fundraiser is Losing Money

Losing money

When a nonprofit’s signature fundraiser stays in the black – but giving levels remain flat – there’s a problem. By the time premiere campaigns and seminal giving series go in the red, a crisis may be brewing. Here are some practical reasons nonprofit campaigns, charitable events and long-time fundraisers may begin withering on the vine.

Three Ways to Get Your Old Flame Back

Re-engaging lapsed supporters and donors is a prime concern for mature nonprofit organizations

It can happen to the best of us. In our youthful shortsightedness, we might have let a good one get away. Or in the rush of our daily lives, perhaps we put a true friend on the backburner one too many times, and now we’d do anything to get that ally back on our side.

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Do Celebrity Endorsements Matter for Nonprofits?

Many major nonprofits prominently feature celebrities in their TV commercials and other promotional materials. You might feel that this is simply standard practice in the industry, but the question remains – do these celebrity endorsements really even matter? Nonprofit Endorsements In some cases, yes, celebrity endorsements do matter. They can help raise awareness of your … Read more

Want Your Not-for-Profit Noticed by More Than 3 Million People? Selecting Markets for your National Campaign

By Katherine Turiano The current population of the United States is 307,006,550 according to an all-knowing source (Google). Wouldn’t it benefit your non-profit to get their attention? The ability to execute a campaign and appeal to multiple markets builds awareness and creates a ripple effect that can create buzz about your organization across the nation. … Read more