What is the one thing every nonprofit needs now?

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The past two years have highlighted the relevance and value of communications across every sector, with comms leaders playing a pivotal role in connecting with internal and external audiences, against the backdrop of a world of uncertainty due to rapidly changing global events. However, the approach to comms that drives action is one that takes a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional media relations efforts focused on “awareness” and just getting an organization’s “name in lights.” Having a communications agency or internal team available to take the big picture ideas and concepts and translate them into stories and narratives that resonate with various audiences is an imperative.

What are five things every nonprofit should have on their radar now?

The Wakeman Agency

We have always been focused on the exploration of ideas and insights that can propel our clients in the direction of their goals. These days, we are thinking a lot about the power inherent in language and how it touches so many areas of nonprofit communications. Below are five things every organization should have on their radar now.

New Clients Announcement

Wakeman New Clients - October 2021

We always strive to work with clients seeking to provide the most innovative solutions to today’s most pressing issues. For that reason, we are excited to add Echoing Green, Interledger Foundation, Scratch Foundation and Choose Healthy Life to our client roster.

Fundraising Voices Podcast: Social Change Non-Profit PR and Communication

Communicating with supporters about social change initiatives takes planning, investment, and careful use of resources. Vanessa Wakeman, futurist, acclaimed speaker and CEO of the Wakeman Agency knows this. She’s helping amplify the voices of mission-driven causes and the people that lead them every day. The host talks with Vanessa about how to organize a communication plan, some of the short and long term strategies needed amidst the health crisis, and success she’s had with virtual events.

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Vanessa joins host Steve Boland to talk about what we changes may echo into the longer-term future as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Charities should consider faster responses with more remote actions, building audiences regardless of geography, more equitable financial support to leaders of color in the sector, and much more!

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Who speaks for your nonprofit in times of crisis? How clear and consistent is the message? Nonprofit futurist and communications expert Vanessa Wakeman joins host Greg Nielsen to discuss developing a crisis communications plan for your nonprofit that is clear and consistent, with the buy-in of Board and staff.

Nonprofit Lowdown Podcast: PR and Thought Leadership for BIPOC with Vanessa Wakeman

Vanessa Wakeman, founder of the Wakeman Agency, discusses PR in the nonprofit sector. Why do we need it and how do we demonstrate an ROI? We also discuss how to elevate the voices of women and folks of color as experts and thought leaders in the field. Vanessa shares a step by step playbook on how to be recognized for your ideas, how to show up as your whole self unapologetically and why she has dedicated herself to elevating the the profile of BIPOC in nonprofit.

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In this episode of The PR Week, Vanessa Wakeman, founder and CEO of The Wakeman Agency, discusses how the firm’s shift to permanent remote workforce and shares tips for other companies looking to take concrete action to improve racial equity.

She and PRWeek editors Steve Barrett and Frank Washkuch chat about Weber Shandwick’s first public diversity report, the new Natalie Portman-owned women’s soccer team, Zeno Group winning Hyatt Hotels’ international AOR account and more.