The Wakeman Agency Tackles the Employment Gap with Generation

The Wakeman Agency Tackles the Employment Gap with Generation

The Wakeman Agency is excited to announce a new engagement with Generation, a global nonprofit that is addressing the employment gap and making entry-level employment accessible to disconnected youth. Generation recently received a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation for an impact hiring initiative and retained The Wakeman Agency for a national Awareness campaign.

Signs It Might be Time for Your Nonprofit to Hire a PR Agency

Partnering with external PR firm – a viable strategy in effective nonprofits’ toolboxes

Organizational public relations teams – no matter the industry, sector, mission or size – sometimes benefit from external, value-added expertise. Engaging with an outside PR agency bolsters resources, increases bandwidth and offers relief.

External PR firms provide the extra talent and skill that may not merely help to make staff members’ jobs easier, but also render the team and organization more effective and successful.

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What I Didn’t Learn in Journalism School

Northwestern University School of Journalism Image

By Katie Cray As a proud Northeastern University alumnus (one of the best journalist schools, in my opinion), I can honestly say that I learned a lot in the classroom and through the co-op program. However, I didn’t learn everything. As beneficial as the co-op program was, nothing compares to jumping into the workforce without … Read moreWhat I Didn’t Learn in Journalism School

Top 5 PR Blunders

We hosted our first NYC Social Media Week event a few weeks ago and are thrilled that the conversation has continued! Our workshop Sh*t Happens: Crisis Communications in the Digital Age was a great exploration of how social media and the 24-hour news cycle poses new threats and opportunities to organizations that find themselves having … Read moreTop 5 PR Blunders

Five Simple Ways to Make a Reporter your BFF

Whether you work for a nonprofit or a for-profit company, building strong relationships with the media is crucial. Keeping these tips in mind can help ensure that the experience is a pleasant one for all parties concerned. # 1: Provide Solid Stats When meeting with a reporter, you obviously will want to present your company … Read moreFive Simple Ways to Make a Reporter your BFF

Do Celebrity Endorsements Matter for Nonprofits?

Many major nonprofits prominently feature celebrities in their TV commercials and other promotional materials. You might feel that this is simply standard practice in the industry, but the question remains – do these celebrity endorsements really even matter? Nonprofit Endorsements In some cases, yes, celebrity endorsements do matter. They can help raise awareness of your … Read moreDo Celebrity Endorsements Matter for Nonprofits?

3 PR Considerations for 2013

PR is a significant and continuing concern for nonprofits, businesses and similar institutions, no matter what their size. This fact has not changed over time. However, certain specific issues in public relations are certainly taking center stage in 2013. Taking the time to think through these issues and how they affect your organization can help … Read more3 PR Considerations for 2013