Press Release – The Wakeman Agency Receives Government Permission to Expand Operations to Cuba


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Social change agency, The Wakeman Agency announced it has obtained a license from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, granting the agency permission to pursue opening an office in Cuba. This will mark the agency’s first international presence, adding to its New York and Silicon Valley locations.

Going Back to School: Signs Your PR or Event Team Needs a Reboot

Multicolored pencils

The Wakeman Agency’s “This Week in Social Change” feature takes a snapshot at high-impact headlines and happenings in the social-change space. We consistently mine the nonprofit and social-change landscape, assessing opportunities to learn from disruption in action, innovation in the works and even eye-opening missteps along the way.

Before You Hire a Public Relations Agency


What companies and organizations should know before engaging with PR firms 

By Vanessa Wakeman

A few years ago, The Wakeman Agency was asked to bid on a PR campaign for a new hospitality group. We were very excited about this organization because they, at the time, had the potential to become game changers, firing up an industry and changing the way business is done.

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Signs It Might be Time for Your Nonprofit to Hire a PR Agency

PR firm

Partnering with external PR firm – a viable strategy in effective nonprofits’ toolboxes

Organizational public relations teams – no matter the industry, sector, mission or size – sometimes benefit from external, value-added expertise. Engaging with an outside PR agency bolsters resources, increases bandwidth and offers relief.

External PR firms provide the extra talent and skill that may not merely help to make staff members’ jobs easier, but also render the team and organization more effective and successful.

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How to Make Yourself Attractive to the Media

Practical tips that drive engagement, relationship building and credibility

The media landscape has forever been disrupted by innovation, as technologies re-frame national conversations and democratize news coverage via citizen journalists, YouTube stars, social media darlings and their related ilk.

Still, the traditional newsroom and established media giants remain The Fourth Estate, vis-à-vis national television networks and local affiliates, daily newspapers and talk radio programs, vetting facts and sanctioning the headlines of the day. Just as the old and new ways of media collapse and converge, connecting with reporters, editors and news producers likewise demands an ability to finesse tried-and-true media relations practices with the novel and new.

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Overused Buzzwords and Phrases in the Workplace

Words we would like to see retired in 2015

Have the same buzzwords been in your playbook a bit too long? Are the metaphorical pages in your daily dictionary becoming weathered, filled with overused catchphrases and once-trendy expressions that still monopolize your business meetings, presentations and watercooler conversations?

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