Rinku Sen’s 360 View on Racism, Classism and Sexism

Podcast Rinku Sen, Women and Thought Leadership, The Social Change Diaries

In this episode, Race Forward Senior Strategist, Rinku Sen, looks at the world through the eyes of an activist and journalist, sharing her observations and convictions about the challenges facing women of color, in advancing their respective agendas. As a racial justice expert, Rinku beautifully touches on the importance of support and what is needed for women to excel in leadership roles.

Reclaiming Your Voice with Marianne Schnall

Podcast Marianne Schnall Women and Thought Leadership, The Social Change Diaries

Answering the question “what will it take for women to occupy the spaces and places where we are normally silenced,” Marianne Schnall shares her insights gathered from over two decades of progressive thought leadership on feminism. During her interview, Marianne advocates for the reclamation of the term “power” and encourages women to consider how “power with” and “power to,” rather than “power over,” can be used to spark change.

Ana Oliveira Explains Why Money Follows Leadership

Podcast Ana Oliveira, Women and Thought Leadership, The Social Change Diaries

Ana Oliveira offers practical advice, and the wisdom of a sage, about thought leadership for women that are working in the nonprofit sector. Her profound understanding of the sector, and candid insights about how women can best professionally support women and the secret for raising money as leaders, makes this a “must listen” interview.

The Power of Women Working Together with Ai-jen Poo

Podcast Ai-Jen Poo, Women and Thought Leadership, The Social Change Diaries

Ai-jen lets listeners peek behind the curtain of her personal thought leadership journey, to reveal what life really looks for an agent of change. From vulnerability to community, Ai-Jen shares the resources that make her one of today’s most respected thought leaders.