Five Simple Ways to Make a Reporter your BFF

Whether you work for a nonprofit or a for-profit company, building strong relationships with the media is crucial. Keeping these tips in mind can help ensure that the experience is a pleasant one for all parties concerned. # 1: Provide Solid Stats When meeting with a reporter, you obviously will want to present your company … Read more

How To Measure PR Efforts

Quality PR professionals must stay on top of the results their efforts produce. After all, without knowing the return on their investment, how will they know what strategies and techniques should be adjusted and which are working? This principle has always applied in some form to PR reps; the means by which they measure their … Read more

Tips For Creating An Editorial Calendar

By Jessica Epperly An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses and groups to control publication of content across different media. Publishers also extract some of their editorial calendar data and make the data publicly available to attract advertisers. Public relations professionals use these abbreviated editorial calendars to try to place stories for their … Read more

What I Can’t Live Without

By Katherine Turiano Lately I have been on a big kick to simplify, to drop the weight of what is not essential to my happiness and productivity inevent planning. I have studied the works of well-known organizing professionals—well, if studying is allowed to be defined as listening to audio books in my car while stuck … Read more

Top Mobile Apps for Business

By Monica Clarke No matter what you use as a smart phone — iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or a Blackberry — you have a sea of applications available to you to make your life easier and your work seamless. I’m not talking about the “create your own mustache app” or the “what will … Read more

Pinterest — Why It’s good for Business and Ideas for What to Post

By Monica Clarke If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, then you may be living under a rock. Pinterest has been everywhere in a social boom, from articles in The Wall Street Journal to local newscasts. Everyone seems to have an interest in Pinterest. But is it just another social fad, and is it worth anything … Read more

Tips for Crafting a Pitch

By Jessica Epperly Crafting a strong PR pitch is key to getting the attention of a journalist and ultimately landing a story. By following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure your outreach to media is successful. First, you’ll want to create a strong and relevant media list. Think ahead about who would want to … Read more

Tips for Nonprofit Newbies

By Katie Cray Launching a nonprofit? Just teamed up with a group that just received 501(c)3 status? New nonprofits have a lot to tackle, and usually are limited in resources and manpower to do so. If you’ve just started your own nonprofit, here are a few things to keep in mind. Mission Statement. I spent … Read more

Soirees on a Budget: Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Event Stand Out

By Katherine Turiano Any budget can make an event stand out; think sweeping venues which are breathtaking at first sight to small details which are remembered by those invited. Every event has a budget: I have planned events for years for clients ranging from national corporations to individuals in their homes, and each has had … Read more