Transparency in Public Relations

By Jessica Epperly

In the age of social media, so many organizations are showing more of themselves than ever before. Whether tweeting about the status of a new product launch or asking for customer feedback via Facebook, the increase of an organization’s interaction with its audience has demonstrated the value and the need for transparency. The idea of controlled messaging is becoming harder and harder to achieve, and nowadays who you are, even behind closed doors, is what your public sees.

One recent study found that a full 75% of consumers felt “social responsibility”—a concept that encompasses transparency—was important. A 2008 Harris study of transparency and government found “deep dissatisfaction among the American public with both the availability of government financial information and the way it is delivered to the people.”

The more transparent an organization is, the more likely people are to support it. People want to feel a part of something and want to know that their feedback and participation are valued. The more people know about you the closer they will feel, as is with any relationship. Ensuring your messaging is upfront and honest, as well as valuing customer feedback and loyalty, are key to keeping your relationship with your customer strong and trusting of one another. Remember, your customer is a lot smarter than most consumers were even a decade ago, therefore, you must always keep it real. And believe me, they will love you for it!

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